Non-cis sff authors

Below you’ll find a list of non-cis authors, who write adult science fiction and fantasy. The list is currently a work in progress as there are many amazing writers to add.

If you want your next great fantasy and/or scifi read, I recommend picking any of the ones listed below.

If available, the author name links to the author’s full bibliography on their website, but I’ll also link a few books and stories (click the cover)  on Goodreads or directly to the story in case of free fiction (marked with an asterisk!).


Alex Acks / ALEX WELLS (they/them)

Murder on the Titania and Other Steam-Powered Adventures

Steampunk piracy, banditry and burglary. A collection of five stories.

Hunger Makes the Wolf

scifi/fantasy. A mercenary biker gang and magic on a strange planet.

Paige S. Allen (she/they)

Bihind the Sun, Above the Moon

scifi/fantasy, anthology

Charlie Jane Anders (she/her)

All the Birds in the Sky


The City in the Middle of the Night


L.X. Beckett / A.M. Dellamonica (they/them)



Child of A Hidden Sea

(portal) fantasy

Robyn Bennis (she/her)

The Guns Above


BROOKE BOLANDER (she/her/they)

The Only Harmless Great Thing

alternate history, scifi

Kacen Callender (they/them)

Queen of the Conquered

high fantasy

Nino Cipri (they/them)


high fantasy

The Shape of my Name*

high fantasy

Sara Codair (they/she)

Bihind the Sun, Above the Moon

scifi/fantasy, anthology

Indrapramit/Indra Das (he/they)

The devourers

fantasy, horror

Akwaeke Emezi (they/them)


magical realism

J.S. Fields (they/them)

Ardulum: First Don


A.J. Fitzwater (she/they)

The Voyages of Cinrak the Dapper

fantasy. Stories about Cinrak the “Dapper. Lesbian. Capybara. Pirate”

Sarah Gailey (they/them)

Magic for Liars

fantasy/crime. Basically murder at queer Hogwarts.

The Fisher of Bones*


Alex Harrow (they/them)

Empire of Light

scifi, space opera

Ada Hoffmann (she/her/they/them)

The Outside

scifi, space opera

Margaret Killjoy (she/they)

The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion

fantasy, horror

Yoon Ha Lee (he/him)

Ninefox Gambit

scifi, space opera

Phoenix Extravagant


R.B. LEMBERG (they/them)

book cover

The Four Profound Weaves


LINDEN LEWIS (she/they)


The First Sister

scifi, space opera (Aug 2020)

S. QIOUYI LU (they)

Foz Meadows (“Jack of all pronouns”)

An Accident of Stars


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