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About the Blogger

This is the blog of super queer space witch C, also known as Crini (pronounced like “green-y”) [she/they]

I’m a German who very much hates the German language which quickly made me start reading everything in English.

As a fellow queer (disaster bi to the core, aro/ace, and genderqueer) I do my best to support and promote diverse books, especially queer science fiction and fantasy, with those being my favorite genres.

I used to blog at All About Books from 2010 to 2018, but decided to start over in 2019 with a new blog that was more me.

I’m a plant-obsessed, mostly-vegan who loves to do some hand lettering from time to time (you might know my work from the Collector’s edition of V.E. Schwab’s A Darker Shade of Magic or items from Illumicrate).

Review Policy

I’m always open to reviewing and helping promote books both on my blog and Instagram + Bluesky, as long as they match the following criteria:

  • it is written for adults
  • it is science fiction and/or fantasy
  • it features queer characters (preferably main)
    (queer characters to simply exist, not stories about being queer)
  • novels/novellas/short stories are all acceptable formats

My time is very limited, so I won’t be able to say yes to a lot of titles, especially as my schedule is already filled with a lot of titles chosen by myself. But I’m always happy to help boost (indie) titles by/and about queer voices in adult SFF.

Exceptions to the above mentioned criteria can be made if the author in question has already been reviewed on this blog before (see my review archive).


If the book is supposed to be promoted on Instagram as well, it is easier and more effective when working with print copies (please be aware that I am from Germany!), but I will happily read and work with eBooks as well (mobi is preferred).

What to expect from me

When accepting to review a book, once I read and liked the book I

  • will review the book on the blog OR (when time is short) at least do a short review on Instagram
  • will promote/mention it on BlueSky
  • will likely repeatedly promote it in the future on my diverse book recommendation lists

I tend to not give ratings to books on my blog and let my words speak for themselves and let people decide on that if the book is for them.

A book that was not for me might still get a review. Depending on the reasons for me not liking it (“just not for me” VS “not good rep” for example) I might still promote and feature the book on future recommendation lists.

Note: when receiving the book with less than 6 weeks to go until release day, chances are I might not read and review it up until then but I’ll do my best to do it as close to its release as possible.


If you contact me regarding reviews or other forms of book promotions on this blog, please read my review policy first.

Do not put me on any kind of mailing list unless I explicitly agreed to it.

For any contact regarding this blog or my Instagram (@xcrini), please address:

C (she/they)

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