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2019 resolutions


Happy new year, everyone!

Never am I as motivated to do ALL the things as in January. I never have the problem of sticking to things once I get going. It’s only starting that’s hard for me. So what better time to get back into things than the start of a new year!

I’m definitely way past making resolutions I know would only be temporary (like book buying bans) and which only backfire in the end. Instead I only made reasonable goals I know I can and really want to stick to.


I haven’t blogged over on my book blog at all in 2018 and actually, finally, decided to give up blogging for good. I hadn’t felt like writing reviews anymore in a very long time and felt much more comfortable talking about books over on Instagram. The thought did make me sad though, to lose that one thing I had going since 2010 and which was my first foray into the book community.

All of a sudden (thanks to Shari mostly), last December I suddenly did want to get back into it. (Instagram accidentally releasing a very shitty update, even if reversing those changes real fast, made me think about what would happen if Instagram suddenly wasn’t there anymore and how a blog is all mine and would be there for however long I want it to be) I just didn’t feel like blogging about books anymore, at least not only about books.

So my big goal for 2019 is to get back into blogging. Blog about all kinds of things I’m passionate about: books, plants, lettering, music,… and just see where it takes me. I also want to get back into reading blogs which I didn’t do either last year.


While I already do cook mostly at home instead of getting take-out/fast-food and not too unhealthily either, I still wanted to make “eat more healthy” a goal for 2019 (and basically forever). I don’t want to become a vegan or vegetarian but man, they do come up with the most delicious recipes. I already fell into a black hole of recipes on Instagram and Pinterest the other day and have a lot I want to cook. I basically want to try a new recipe at least once a week. I also want to explorer more, try more new things. Like, I’ve never actually eaten tofu before and even if I don’t want to go all plant-based diet only, I certainly want to look into it more and find alternatives for at least some things. (best example: I tried different plant based milks last year and now I mostly use almond milk because YUM!)


Last year I fell in love with yoga and that I finally had something to do at home, which comes in handy especially during the winter, when it’s already dark when I get home from work (I don’t like going to studios). My goal is to really do it regularly, almost on a daily basis, starting with Yoga With Adriene’s Dedicate, a 30 day program.

I also want to get back into running which I always give up on during the winter, oops.


Something I love doing but never do enough of is hand lettering. The ideas are piling up and I need to finally get on all those. My goal is to finish at least one piece a month but considering the one project idea that I have (which includes many pieces), I should probably make it two. We’ll see. Baby steps…


It wouldn’t be a complete list if I didn’t have any book related goals too. Getting the TBR down and buying less books always seem good options but who am I kidding. The only goals I have this year are to binge read more series, read even more backlist titles, read A LOT more short fiction, and listen to more audiobooks again.


I think the hardest for me won’t be the individual goals, but juggling them all. Making time for all of them won’t be the easiest but I’ll definitely try. Here is hope I don’t loose all the motivation I currently have too soon/at all.


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  • I can’t wait to see your plant posts!

    Also, we should have made tofu while you were here. Next time 😀

    • I’m not sure yet what exactly I want to write about plants but I hope something comes up XD

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