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Most anticipated book releases of 2019

2019 has me extremely excited when it comes to book releases and while the year only just started, I’m already looking forward to the end of it because it’s got like THE most anticipated release of the year for me: Gideon the Ninth. Sometimes I’m a little nervous that I’m too hyped up about this book and can only be disappointed but HOT DAMN, it sounds so good.

I’m actually trying to limit myself in buying new releases this year (maybe three at max with exceptions in those few insane months when EVERY book releases) and concentrate more on reading backlist titles and binge read already finished series but publishers make it really hard!

January releases

February releases

March releases

(*the original short story of this can be read at Lightspeed Magazine)

April releases

May releases

June releases

July releases

August releases

September releases

(** no idea what this is but I want it)

October releases

November releases


Here is hope I didn’t mix up any release dates.

I wish I could say these are the only books I’m interested in, but the actual list is far longer. This is my priority list so far though.

What are your most anticipated releases?

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8 replies to “Most anticipated book releases of 2019”

  • I’m so glad you wrote this because it’s one of the ways I can track upcoming releases. ? Any chance you’re willing to share that full list? 😉

    I didn’t realize Priory is next month! I’d love to know what you think of it!

    • I still have to add some from my amazon wishlist and from edelweiss over to the database, but most are there already! You can see the whole release list.

  • brb bookmarking ALL OF THESE

  • Woop woop, welcome baaaack! Especially with this perfect post since I love stalking your shelves for new releases. Will work my way through them this weekend.

    My most anticipated is the new one by Erin Morgenstern. FINALLY!

  • Hi Crini,

    I can’t find „Wanderers“ from Chuck Wendig 😀
    Supposedly already one of the most anticipated books of 2019!
    I can’t wait to get it, and a few from you list of course;-)


  • Great post! There are so many exciting releases coming out this year. I’ll be adding some of these to my list.

  • I love how you’ve arranged this by month! Makes it very easy to follow. I’ve seen people talking about Priory of the Orange Tree and I look forward to seeing how you find it. I wasn’t a huge fan of The Bone Season, so I’m not sure what to think! Have you read that series of hers?

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