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Diverse books:
Asian SFF authors

What better way to honor Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month than with supporting/reading Asian authors!? Below you’ll find a list of Asian authors of adult science fiction and fantasy books, perfect for an #AsianReadathon (I’ve seen one on Twitter, and on Instagram as well) happening in May, or just to support Asian authors in general.

As always, I’m not trying to make a “complete” or as long as possible list, but one that includes books that fit my own personal tastes and if you’ve enjoyed recommendations by me before, you might enjoy these as well. The list mostly consists of books/authors I’ve already read and highly recommend with a few added that I’ve yet to read myself, but trust to be good.


S.L. Huang, Nghi Vo, Aliette de Bodard,
Isabel Yap, Alyssa Wong

Some of their books:


Yoon Ha Lee, R.F. Kuang, JY Neon Yang,
M.L Wang, Sarah Kuhn

Some of their books:


Yangsze Choo, Peter Tieryas, Zen Cho,
Wesley Chu, Ausma Zehanat Khan

Some of their books:


Keith Yatsuhashi, Andrea Stewart, K. S. Villoso,
Chen Qiufan, Fonda Lee

Some of their books:


Liu Cixin, Indra(pramit) Das, Marjorie M. Liu,
Tasha Suri, Jeannette Ng

Some of their books:


Cassandra Khaw, Ken Liu, Ted Chiang

Some of their books:

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  • I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH! (Excuse the all caps. I can’t help myself!) Now looking up all the books from this list that I haven’t read yet. <3

    • YAY. ALL CAPS ALLOWED AND WELCOME. I’m happy if the list helps even one person, hehe.

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