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Diverse Reads:
October 2019

This post is part of my diverse reads feature, where I list all the diverse books I’ve read in a given month.

October was another epic month for diverse scifi and I found a few new favorites that I already want to reread.

A Pale Light in the Black by K.B. Wagers

I love this book so damn much, especially because it’s so refreshing to read a set-in-space/future book where humans got their shit together instead of being at war.  The three POV characters are WOC, one being a lesbian (happily married too), one being ace and one being bi/pan.

Salvaged by Madeleine Roux

I had a bit of a rough start with this one but then it quickly turned into an awesome thriller set in space that has an alien parasite mess with the characters’ heads. The main characters include a WOC (half-Indian) and a bi/pan man.

Ancestral Night by Elizabeth Bear

Not only is the main character a lesbian (while her bestie is pan) but she’s also got the hots for a space pirate. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED. Fair warning though: there’s a LOT of science. Went right over my head for the most part, tbh, but didn’t really care. Also: punched me in the feels, HARD.

The Voidwitch Saga by Corey J. White

The Voidwitch series is one of my absolute favorites so I did an audiobook reread of the whole series this month. Not only is the main character a kickass space witch, but she’s also bi/pansexual.

The Relentless Moon by Mary Robinette Kowal

I was lucky enough to have had the chance to beta-read the third Lady Astronaut book and it was SO. DAMN. GOOD. Do not recommend reading this one in public though… This one pictures the events that happen on the Moon in parallel to the 2nd book so it’s a got a new main character who is not just an older woman (in her 50s), which is awesome in itself,  but just like Elma, she’s got her own personal problems to deal with: an eating disorder and her arthritis.

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