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Diverse Reads:
May – Sept 2020

This post is part of my diverse reads feature, where I list all the diverse books I’ve read in a given month.

It’s been a while since I last published one of my Diverse Reads posts, but that’s definitely not due to me not reading any diverse books (more like not reading at all *ahem*). I think we can all agree that this year makes doing anything for fun on a regular basis anything but easy and there wasn’t a lot of headspace for blogging, so this post is long overdue because I did still read quite a few diverse books.

Mexican Gothic

Definitely a book that I would recommend for the spooky season, this gothic horror is all about, you guessed it, Mexican folklore, featuring a sinister family in a spooky house. You can read my full review here.

Bone Shard Daughter by Andrea Stewart

This fantasy debut features one of the most adorable animal companions! 10/10 would recommend reading this one. It also features an already established f/f couple.

Witchmark Book Cover

Witchmark by C.L. PoLK

A historical fantasy, about a witchy doctor, hiding his powers from his family, including a super cute gay romance. At its core, it’s a story about oppression, not based on race, but based on magical powers. Definitely a new favorite (that has me nervous regarding its sequel, because I did NOT like Grace, the sequel’s MC, not a single bit)

Midnight Robber by Nalo Hopkinson

I’ve been meaning to read Nalo’s books for quite some time and I am ashamed it took me this long. I have mixed feelings about this one though, as it features rape which you can already feel coming from miles away which doesn’t make this a pleasant read. That aside, it was a great read, mixing scifi and West African/Caribbean folklore.

The Conductors by Nicole Glover

One of my absolute favorite books of the year for sure! Look out for this one next year! (the release has sadly been postponed by a lot) Being both historical fiction, covering the topic of slavery (black MC, ownvoice), and having magical elements, with the bonus of the most precious relationship ever, this was love at first page. I’m glad it’s the start of a series.

Of Dragons, Feasts And Murders by Aliette de Bodard

I already wrote a full review for this novella, but in short: Aliette just never disappoints and these two unlike husbands tackling a murder investigation was just another favorite. I hope we get to read a lot more about them.

Velocity Weapon + Chaos Vector by Megan E. O’Keefe

Velocity Weapon was one of my absolute favorite books of 2019, so I just had to reread in preparation for the sequel and am happy to report: the sequel was just as good and just as queer.

Chilling Effect by Valerie Valdes

Another book that was a big hit for me last year, I reread Chilling Effect as well, to be ready for the sequel. What could be better than a queer space opera including psychic cats!?

The First Sister by Linden A. Lewis

The First Sister was THIS close to becoming a favorite but sadly, I didn’t quite connect with one of the main characters. On the other hand, I loved the other main character so damn much, I hope we get to see even more of them in the sequel. The First Sister features an f/f relationship and a non-binary main character.

Axiom’s End by Lindsay Ellis

Axiom’s End is one of the most addictive books I have read in a long while. 2020 came with the biggest reading slump but I rushed through this one in just two days. The main character is super subtly queer (like, you can totally miss it even) and there is no romance at all, instead it’s very much about humanity and current issues. The MC’s relationship with one of the aliens just gave me ALL the feels.

Seven Devils by Laura Lam, Elizabeth May

Another almost favorite, Seven Devils is hella queer, featuring a crew of sapphic and otherwise queer ladies (with a trans woman side character who might just become an MC in the sequel). There is a lot of backstory in this one which for me personally took too much away from the explosive and exciting plot.

Persephone Station by Stina Leicht

I’m pretty sure Persephone Station might become a new favorite on rereading, but for now it’s just missed the mark. This book is totally crash and gave me Kameron Hurley vibes, so if that’s your jam as well, get your pre-order in. It features a non-binary MC (though I did have some very light issues with overall gender rep), everyone is pretty much queer, and it also includes POC/black characters.

Zero Sum Game by S.L. Huang

When in a reading slump, reread a favorite, and that’s what I did. Cas Russell, gray-ace math-genius is one of my absolute favorite characters, who is always right where the explosive action is at.

Across the Green Grass Fields (Wayward Children #6) by Seanan McGuire

I always prefer the odd numbered stories in the series, the ones set at the school, so I didn’t expect this one to become my new favorite (especially after I loved the 5th one so damn much) but I was still I tiny bit disappointed. With these stories always covering very specific interests (and identities, intersex in this case), I guess this one (being all about horses) just didn’t speak to me. (not to say this isn’t a good one, just not a new favorite).

There have been maybe one or two books that I read in the past 5 months that weren’t diverse, so this really is all I read in those months which is quite sad. I hope reading picks up again for me soon.

Have you read any of these too?


3 replies to “Diverse Reads: May – Sept 2020”

  • Love this post and your mini reviews as always, Crini! And YES — The Bone Shard Daughter, Mexican Gothic, Chaos Vector, and Zero Sum Game were all SO good. Looking forward to reading a few others on the list as well!

  • Steph (@bookplaits)

    Oct 10th, 2020

    Sadly, I haven’t read any of these, but there are quite a few here that I definitely want to try. The main ones being Bone Shard Daughter, Witchmark (I have an ebook of this already!), Chaos Vector and Chilling Effect. ? Great list and summaries!

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